There are many forms of birth control. When you are young all that is offered to you are condoms, the pill, and abstinence. Many teenagers will find themselves using condoms and pills or even both without even considering abstinence. What many of them do not know is that these forms of birth control are not 100% effective. I have known many people who have gotten pregnant while they were using them.

Abstinence (to not have sex) is so highly rejected by many teenagers and adults because the desire to have sex is much stronger. It has become popular among society and it seems that no matter where you turn (television, magazines, movies, and books) it is staring you in the face telling you that it is normal and ok.

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Strive to be different!

There is nothing wrong with not having sex. I know that there will be peer pressure and temptation – but choosing to wait is one of the best decisions you could ever make in your life.

Abstinence is something that I practiced because I believed that saving myself for marriage was not only the right thing to do – but also the best and safest thing to do. It is the only form of birth control that is 100% effective and it completely protects you from any form of STD.

Only complete and consistent abstinence can totally prevent pregnancy and protect against STDs. Because a person does not have any type of intimate sexual contact when he or she practices complete abstinence, there is no risk of passing on a sexually transmitted infection.

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It’s worth it!

I did save myself for marriage – but it wasn’t always easy. There were temptations and many times I almost caved in – but I was happy that I didn’t. I know many people who could not enjoy sex because every time they practiced it they were scared that they would get someone pregnant or they would become pregnant. It is better not to live with that worry. Let me know your thoughts on the subject.