Adding Volume To Limp Hair

Trying to style hair that is limp is difficult and can drive anyone of us crazy! In order to get the volume you want you have to take certain steps. Once you have used these tips you will love the new look!

Cut Your Hair:

You can start to add volume by giving it the right style and texture. If you have short hair then layers and bobs help to give your hair automatic fullness. For those who have medium to long hair you will want to choose the graduated layers and the slight angles around your face.

Volumizing Shampoo & Tips:

After choosing the right haircut it is time to move on to shampoos. Rene Furterer, Phyto got2B, Ken Paves, and (my favorite) John Frieda are some of the best manufacturers of both shampoo and conditioners that will give your hair some volume.

Hair With Volume

After you have worked in the shampoo skip the usual conditioner and instead try a leave-in conditioner that helps to detangle or a product designed to protect hair from blow drying while adding fullness and thickness at the same time. You can also opt for a layer products that offer the benefits of leave-in conditioning along with volume enhancing action.

(It is important to remember that conditioners can over moisturize hair making it less willing to plump up. Choose carefully and weigh the benefits of rinse-out versus leave-in conditioners and moisturizing versus volumizing products.)

Volumizing Styling Steps :

Whether you use a rinse-out conditioner or not, finish your shampoo rinse with a cool to cold shower. The cold water naturally closes the hair cuticle, encourages shine and naturally plumps up the shaft. Use a thick absorbent towel to blot as much moisture from your hair as possible. Apply a few squirts of Phytovolume Actif with keratin amino acids. If you prefer, try a gel product.

Whatever product or type of product you prefer, it is important to concentrate the bulk of the product on or near the roots of your hair. Comb the product from the roots to the ends to give your hair lift. Blow dry your damp hair using a medium to high speed, medium to high heat setting. The hotter the setting, the more lift you will attain from your hair.

Blow Drying Hair

(You do need to be careful about how much heat you use on your hair because it can seriously damage it. Try to cary the heat and keep it moving so that it is not concentrated in one area.)

As your blow dry your hair use a round or metal vent brush to lift and separate chunks of hair. Aim the blow dryer airflow up the hair shaft, from the roots to the ends of the hair. This will help add lift. You can also bend over at the waist and direct air flow from the underside roots of your hair up towards the ends.