Tips To Find The Right Pair Of Shoes

Women love shoes! This is a statement that is true for 99% of all women and they will happily admit to it. Open a women’s closet and you better watch out because all of the shoes will come crashing down around you. Shoes of every shape and size.

As much as we love shoes there are some of us who have a hard time trying to decide what shoes look great on us. If you want the perfect shoes than there are a few steps that you have to follow. Continue reading “Tips To Find The Right Pair Of Shoes”

My Personal Experience With Green Tea Hoodia Diet Pills

So I am still trying to get in shape and drop a few pounds. I don’t have much more to lose – but I am working hard to get into those size 6 jeans. After eating salads for a week and drinking only water I got impatient and decided to try something new – diet pills. I had been given mixed reviews when it came to these types of pills. Continue reading “My Personal Experience With Green Tea Hoodia Diet Pills”

Spinning Class

Many of us have the desire to lose the extra pounds we carry and to get in shape – but we have a difficult time trying to accomplish this all on our own. When there is no one there to push us to keep going and to encourage us then we will falter and do less then we should. For people like this it is best to take part in an exercise class that you can benefit from. Continue reading “Spinning Class”

Exotic Natural Hair Perfume

Sometimes we are forced to use hair products that help to tame or heal our hair – but the smell that they give off is nauseating. Ok this might be an exaggeration – but let’s admit that anyone who has to use Selsun Blue or any type of dandruff shampoo will not have the best smelling hair. I know because I have had to use them before. No matter how much conditioner or other hair products I tried to use to cover the smell it would not work. Continue reading “Exotic Natural Hair Perfume”

Trying To Get Rid Of Acne

Trying to get rid of pimples (acne) is a process that is simple to do – but should be done properly. First thing you have to remember is to not touch the pimple and NEVER pop it, which could lead to an infection or, even worse, scarring. I know that we all have this instinct to touch and see if it is still there, and we somehow think that if we pop it it’ll disappear. This will actually make it stand out more on your face and could cause scarring or an infection. Continue reading “Trying To Get Rid Of Acne”

Guidelines To Help You Clothes Shopping

Shopping is something that almost every women loves to do. I don’t know about most of you – but shopping allows me to release my pent up frustration and allow me to relax for at least a couple hours. I love having the ability to buy what I want and then showing it off to my husband and friends. None of us can deny the fact that we love getting new clothes. Continue reading “Guidelines To Help You Clothes Shopping”