How To Find A Guy Who Wants A Long Term Relationship

Many of us are looking for the right man that we can connect to and that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. For some of us all we have to do is turn around and he is waiting there for us with open arms. I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams early in life. He was my second boyfriend and he was everything I was looking for. Continue reading “How To Find A Guy Who Wants A Long Term Relationship”

How To Encourage Men To Ask You Out

Why is it that some woman have no problems getting asked out by men and seem to get asked a lot – but others can’t seem to be asked out at all? I have known some beautiful women who have been in relationships (many times) – but they will admit that they have never once been asked out on a real date before. Are there certain things that many women are forgetting to do that makes a man not want to ask her out? Continue reading “How To Encourage Men To Ask You Out”

Couple Problems To Avoid

A majority of singles enjoy a way of life conducive to a healthy body and mind (for example, visiting a gym regularly and eating healthy). Once the love bug has bitten, however, most of these habits are doomed to extinction. A psychologist in New York City, Abby Goldstein, PsyD, explains further, “It’s easy to let a few things slide when you’re getting used to coexisting with a boyfriend and having the time of your life. Problem is, you may not notice the changes until they begin taking their toll on your body.” Make yourself aware of these common problem areas and your habits will not fall by the wayside. Continue reading “Couple Problems To Avoid”

Make Valentine’s Day Something To Remember

Our boyfriends and husbands always seem to do the leg work and come up with all of the romantic pleasures and gifts that we love and enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Why not give them a day off and come up with our own ideas. This year we have some great ideas that are affordable and romantic. These ideas are great and will get you both into the perfect romantic mood for the night. Continue reading “Make Valentine’s Day Something To Remember”

Give Online Dating A Try

Sometimes trying to find the right guy to date is hard. You’re not sure where to go to look for them and then when you do find one that you are interested in they’re either married or gay. Sure this may not happen to all women – but there are some of us out there who are about ready to give up. If you’re young then you don’t have to worry, you have years ahead of you. But for those who have been searching for awhile or who have just gotten out of a divorce and are looking to find love again ….we understand just how hard it can be for you and we have two words that may solve your problems – online dating. Continue reading “Give Online Dating A Try”

Breaking Up The Right Way

There are some relationships that in the beginning are so incredible that we think they may be the one we have been searching for. And than a few months later (or less) the world comes crashing down and we realize that the both of you just don’t mesh and you just can’t seem to see yourself living and being with them for the rest of your lives. Continue reading “Breaking Up The Right Way”