Are Long Distance Relationships Good Or Bad?

Sometimes when dating you find that circumstances change and that it doesn’t always change in a way that we would like. Many women who are seperated from their boyfriends, whether because of the military or other such circumstance, worry that they will grow apart. So the question is whether or not it is a good idea. Continue reading “Are Long Distance Relationships Good Or Bad?”

No-No’s For The First Date

When it comes to bad dates we like to blame the guy for it. In most cases you would be right, but you have to admit that sometimes we make some first date no-no’s without even noticing. Of course if you eralize haf way through the date that you aren’t really interested than go ahead and do those things that drives them away. But if you are trying to get past the first date and onto the second here are a few things to remember: Continue reading “No-No’s For The First Date”

10 Important Relationship Tips

When it comes to relationships it is difficult to know what to do and what not to do. Even for men it can be a little bit difficult. Unfortunately I can’t provide advice that will be fool proof because everyone is different. But I can give some advice that you may find useful at times when you need them most. Here are a few tips to remember when you are trying to start off a solid relationship. Continue reading “10 Important Relationship Tips”