Finding The Motivation To Lose Weight

I think that it is safe to say that many of us have trouble when it comes to shedding the extra pounds that we have been carrying with us for months or even years. Losing weight means we have to give up the foods that we love and are constantly craving and it means that we have to exercise. We want to lose weight and be thin again – but we just can’t seem to do it. That is because many of us are missing one of the most important steps to losing weight – motivation!

You can’t do something and stick with it unless you have some sort of motivation to keep you going. Not everyone will have the same motivation. It is a personal desire that only you can discover for yourself. You need to ask yourself exactly why you want to lose the weight.

Diet Motivation

Understand that motivation doesn’t always have to be a reason. It can also be a picture of someone or even of yourself. We have listed a few common motivations that might help to get you started and on the right track to finding your own.

– Take before pictures of yourself. These pictures must show every flaw and will remind you of what you are looking to change.
– Hang up a picture of the man you love or maybe even a guy you like. Sometimes pictures of famous actors do work.
– Hang up a picture of you when you were thin in the past like a wedding picture.
– Hang up a picture of someone who is thin and remind yourself that you want to be that way.
– Buy a small dress and hang up it in plain view. Work into it.
– Train to compete in a marathon or even a half marathon

(Share your motivations with us)