Flaunt Your Age With The Right Make-Up

Make-up is something that most women will not live without. Remember the younger days when we didn’t have to worry about wearing it because we had perfect and flawless skin? Now we scare even ourselves when we see ourselves without any make-up. That is why it is important to know some good tricks that could help you look beautiful and young at the same time.

First off you need to get rid of any make-up that you used to use when you were 20. This means no glitter, extremely bright colors, and nothing that younger kids would want to wear. You want people to know that you are mature and you are proud of your age. You want to show them that you wear it well and may even look a few years younger. When you use the younger products people will know that you are ashamed and embarrassed of your age.Concealer

Primer – As we get older we find that our face will not hold onto color the way it used too. Because of this its important to use primer – which will help to create a smooth surface onto our skin. The smoother the skin is the longer color will last on your face.

Light Foundation – This doesn’t mean that we want you to wear foundation that is light colored – but rather not put on so much. You may have been able to get away with putting on lots of make-up when you were young – but now that you are older you have to be more careful. The more foundation you pile on your face the more all of your wrinkles will stand out. Use a synthetic bristle brush and focus mainly on the important areas of the face (nose, forehead, and chin). This is a more natural and appealing look.

Concealer For Eyes – The eyes are the key to your heart – which means that you want them to stand out – but in a natural way. Apply concealer from the inner corner to mid-pupil. This will brightens up the eye like nothing else. Start with three dots right near your tear duct and blend with your ring finger (which has less pressure than your other fingers) or a brush. Add more if necessary, but don’t layer concealer over the lines near the outer corners of your eyes.

Eyeliner – Line your upper lash line with a richly colored liner – not black, which is too harsh – but don’t line underneath your eyes, as that will only make you look tired and bring out those dark circles. Make a thin line. The thicker the line the smaller your eyes will look.

BlushCream Blush – Cheek color is so essential that it calls for two steps. Start with a cream blush in a shade that matches your skin’s natural flush; a creamy texture is ideal for older, drier skin. Blend it with your fingers, keeping the color just on the apples of the cheeks.

Lipstick – Beige and brown lipstick might look more natural, but it’s the brighter shades (think cranberry and cherry) that really complement fading skin tones. Go for the sheerest texture you can find and dab it on with your finger for a pouty look.

Now we can finally wear our age with pride and beauty and show all of those hollywood stars that they aren’t the only ones who can pull this off. Of course we are able to do it without any plastic surgery.

2 thoughts on “Flaunt Your Age With The Right Make-Up”

  1. I’m seeing more and more mature ladies coming to me lately for semi permanent cosmetics. It’s a good thing too I think.

  2. I’ve seen someone do something like that. It didn’t flatter her face – but I suppose when done right and if the right colors are chosen it might work. But it’s not for everyone.

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