How To Apply A Face Mask

Once a week we need to treat ourselves to a night of pampering. This doesn’t mean that things have to be expensive. All you need is bubble bath, your favorite lotion, candles, incense, music, and a great face mask. There are many different types of face masks to choose from and each one will help you in a specific way.

Choose the one that you love the most and place it on your face before you get into the bath. Remember to light all the candles, the incense, and to turn on the music before you get into the water. All of these things will help you to relax and to feel more at ease.

Woman Relaxing in Bath

Obviously we know how to soak in a tub because it isn’t that difficult. However, many of us do not properly apply the face mask and therefore do not receive the total effects of it. First you need to pull your hair back so that none of it sticks to the mask.

Many of us feel that the mask should only be applied to the face (hence the name ‘face mask’) but this is a misconception. It is good to also apply it to the neck, shoulders, and even arms. These parts of our bodies are exposed more then our legs and therefore require the same amount of pampering.

Facial Mask

Apply face masks using brush or strokes and avoid sensitive areas like the lips and under the eyes. If required, you can use a mask cream on the mouth and eyes to prevent the face mask from reaching them. Remember to never apply the face mask on cracks on the face. On applying the face mask, you have to leave it for 20 minutes for drying.

You are not supposed to laugh or make any type of facial movement so as not to disturb the mask. That is why we recommend that you wait in the bath and relax the whole time that it is drying. After drying, it is possible to remove the mask by rubbing it from the face and mask and then gently moistening with clean water. If you use a peel off mask, remember to rinse the face with lots of water.

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