My Personal Experience With Green Tea Hoodia Diet Pills

So I am still trying to get in shape and drop a few pounds. I don’t have much more to lose – but I am working hard to get into those size 6 jeans. After eating salads for a week and drinking only water I got impatient and decided to try something new – diet pills. I had been given mixed reviews when it came to these types of pills.

Some said that they were bad and could mess up your system while others told me that they were both helpful and gave them a boost of energy. I have been wanting to write an article concerning certain kinds and now here way my chance to try them for myself and receive hands on experience.

The type of pill I bought was Green Tea Hoodia. The directions told me to take two pills a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Along with taking these pills I was required to eat healthy foods and exercise. So I ate salads and smaller meals for lunch and breakfast – but all still healthy.

Green Tea Hoodia Diet Pills

The first day I took the pills I was very much awake even after I had a bad night’s sleep and it worked in the fact that it kept my appetite to a minimum. When the second day came I was not feeling so great. I was still energetic – but it seemed that the pills were burning off the food I ate way too fast. I tried to eat more food during my meals and even a few snacks that were meant to make you full longer – but nothing worked.

So I spent that night trying not to throw up because of the immense stomach and hunger pains I was having. By the third day the stomach pains turned into cramps and seemed to double. I was experience them throughout the whole day and no matter how much I ate they never went away.

That night I vowed not to take anymore to make sure that it was the pills and not something else. That same night I spent half my time running to the bathroom where my system seemed to clean itself of everything I ate that day. However, the next day I was feeling myself again and I have not had any problems since.

Stomach Cramps

With that being said I do NOT recommend hoodia or green tea diet pills for anyone. Losing weight is a good goal to have – but losing it this way is not safe for you and therefore not worth it. I can only imagine the serious health problems I could have faced if I had used them any longer. Three days was enough to show me that I can lose weight a better way. I have to stay healthy for my daughter and my husband.

My Side Effects:

– Nausea
– Hunger
– Diarrhea
– Cramps
– Lack of sleep from all the other side effects

*Editors Note: This article pertains to my personal experience and does not mean that everyone will have the same negative effects. Green tea can help in other ways. It is best to consult your doctor or personal physician before deciding to take this particular diet pill.