Planning Your Busy Beauty Schedule

Whether you work full time or are a full time stay at home mom you know only too well that very few of us actually have time during the week to make ourselves look pretty. Trying to figure out what to wear, styling your hair, and putting on all that make-up takes time that most of us just don’t have. Which is why you need to prioritize earlier.

Try choosing your outfit the night before and even come up with how you are going to style your hair. Those of you who have short hair don’t need t put much thought into that and are lucky because it takes less time to blow dry and style. Those of you who have long hair might just have to wake a bit earlier. If you have thick unruly hair (like mine) and have to straighten it every morning I have a tip for you. If it is on the long end you could wash it right before you go to bed. While it’s still wet you should put it either in a very tight bun or french braid or even a regular braid. Most often than not it will come out nice and curly the next morning.

When it comes to make-up just choose to put on the most important. That way if you run out of time you at least have on what really matters to you. Jewelry is an option that doesn’t always have to be worn. But if you do feel like wearing it make sure that you choose it with that outfit the night before.

Tip: Always remember to pack a small pack in your purse with the important make-up that you use. So that you can touch it up during the day. Pack only the essentials.