Spinning Class

Many of us have the desire to lose the extra pounds we carry and to get in shape – but we have a difficult time trying to accomplish this all on our own. When there is no one there to push us to keep going and to encourage us then we will falter and do less then we should. For people like this it is best to take part in an exercise class that you can benefit from.

Most likely your gym will have dozens of different classes – which makes finding the one for you a bit challenging. One exercise that is great for anyone who is looking to work hard and burn off those calories fast is spinning.

Spinning was created by “Johnny G” Goldberg – a world class cyclist – who used it as a more efficient way for him to train for his races. He along with John Baudhuin opened the very first spinning center in 1989 and created a program to certify other spinning instructors. So what is spinning?


Spinning is an aerobic exercise that is practiced on a specially designed stationary bike that is referred to as a spinning bike. You will pedal to motivating music and the instructor will talk to you and help you to visualize that you are pedaling outside. They will say things like, “You are now going up a long hill and you are not able to see the top yet.” This will give you the motivation to pedal faster when you need it and then slow down when you have “reached the top”. It also helps you to keep your mind and body focused.

Spinning may sound simple – but it is one of the hardest aerobic exercises that you can practice. You can burn up to 450 calories in only 45 minutes. It helps your heart to pump faster and works out your front thigh muscles and outer thigh muscles. Let’s admit it ladies these are the places that we would love to work out the most so this makes it an ideal exercise.

Spinning Class

It is true that spinning does not always work out all of your leg muscles equally. This means that you will want to perform other cross training activities so that you do not develop muscle imbalances. Also as exciting as it is to be burning all those calories everyday health experts think that it is too much to spin everyday. If you overdue it you can injure your lower back, hips, and knees.

There are certain materials that you need to bring with you to the spinning class:

– Stiff soled shoe that has good ventilation
– Use one towel to wipe away the sweat and one to drape over the handle bars. This will prevent your hands from slipping
– You will need a water bottle to keep you hydrated