Tips To Staying Faithful On Your Diet While Eating Out

Many of us feel that being on a diet means that we are not allowed to have any food from a restaurant. We feel that we can only eat what we have at the house. This is a misconception that many of us have and is one of the reasons why we have such a hard time staying on track. You can eat out with no problem just remember that there are still a few guidelines that you have to live by while dieting.

1. Order healthy portions

There is nothing wrong with ordering that big, juicy steak that has been smothered in barbecue sauce. Or even those mashed potatoes that are covered in butter and salt. Just remember to order a vegetable or salad on the side so that you are also eating a bit healthy.

2. Order small amounts

If you are going to a fast food restaurant order the kids meal. This will ensure you that you are eating a small meal and less calories. You will feel satisfied – but you won’t feel guilty.

Women Eating

3. Get the doggy bag early

Right after your meal has been delivered to you ask the waitress for a doggy bag. Put half of your meal away and save it for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. This will ensure that you only eat half and you do not over indulge. Maybe now you can get the dessert you love with room to spare.

4. Water, water, water

I cannot stress enough how important water is on a diet. Try to order only water while you are out. You don’t want to go overboard on your calorie intake and the food that you ordered will be enough of that. If you feel like something else to drink (soda or alcohol) order only one and then go back to the water. (Remember: Drinking lots of water before the meal arrives also helps you to eat less by filling you up faster)

5. Eat slow

Eating slow will help you to digest your food better and will also fill you up slower. This means that in the long run you will eat less and feel satisfied.