Use Compassion To Avoid Arguments

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. In a relationship (whether dating or married) you will always run into road blocks around every corner. It is how you deal with these road blocks that defines what kind of a relationship you want to have.

When we disagree with someone we (as well as our men) have a tendency to find only the negatives in them. We point out to them what we feel there weakness is and what they need to work on – which will not only bring them down but in a way us as well.

Couples Arguing

This is the wrong thing to do because it will make your partner feel angry, hurt, rejected, and judged. This type of pattern will cause a rift between you and your partner and can seriously damage your relationship if nothing is not done about it.

A good relationship can be formed, however, by showing empathy and compassion to your partner. Compassion is more then just love. It shows your partner that you are not constantly judging them and that their differences are unique to them.

Couples Kissing

This helps them to show that you support them and that you are open to hear what they have to say. You still will not always agree with them – but at least now you can work things out the right way. Remember to urge your partner to use compassion the same way. This will help you both to gain more trust and honest communication with each other.