What To Do With Straight Hair

I think that we can all agree that hair is one of the most difficult parts of our beauty schedule. Whether it be short, long, or medium length we all have a hard time trying to decide how we should style it. We don’t always want to do the same thing everyday of the week. It’s like wearing the same outfit three days in a row. We want to be unique and diverse and get out of our comfort zone so we can be noticed.

The first step to learning how to style your hair is to learn what type of hair that you have. Do you have curly or straight hair? Is it oily or dry? Coarse or smooth? Light or heavy? All of these things are important and will help you to know what things to use and what things to stay away from.

Thin Straight Hair

Those of you who have straight hair usually have one main problem – volume. You don’t have enough of it so all your hair does is lay there limp. Most of you find that pulling it back is the only thing to do. What you need is a volumizer.

There are many different types of volumizers – but we recommend that you buy mousse. Mousse works better with hair and can offer more results. Apply enough but not too much or else your hair will begin to look greasy. Big And Sexy is a great product and can be found at most salons.

Those of you who have shorter straight hair can always try gel. Buy a gel that will hold your hair and try to wave it out. If your hair reaches the end of your chin in a bob than use the gel to point the ends of the hair out. This will give you a hip look that will have all the boys staring.

If your hair is shorter than this then we recommend you spike your hair. That doesn’t mean you have to spike it up. You can always spike it out if it’s really short. Remember that gel is like mousse. Use too much and your hair will be too stiff.

Thick Straight Hair

Those of you with thick hair have no problems with volume. In fact you usually have too much of it. You may find that you have the same problem as those who have thin straight hair. Because your hair is thick it is heavy and this causes your hair to lay flat.

This requires good conditioner and a professional cut. You’ll find that if you cut your hair into layers and even allow them to thin it a little your hair will be much lighter – giving you the ability to do more things with it.

When you buy a conditioner make sure that it won’t weigh your hair down. It really doesn’t matter which brand you buy as long as you find one that you like. For better results you could always buy the same brand of shampoo and conditioner.