Head Lice Prevention

I was reading on the forum today and saw that someone had recently had a problem with head lice. Her child had gotten a bad case of head lice from what she believed to be her daycare and she had a hard time trying to get rid of it.

I have had to deal with head lice before. When I was 16 I got it from a friend and it was incredibly painful to get rid of. Mainly because my hair Head Liceis ultra thick and it isn’t easy trying to run a fine-toothed metal comb through it for hours on end. Many of us have had to deal with this problem – but there are some of us who have been lucky enough to avoid it. I think it is good to be made aware of problems like this.

Head lice are parasitic insects that will live in humans hair and scalp because they need human blood to live. Despite what many people think lice love clean hair so if you have them it is not because you do not have a clean house.

More often than not children are the carriers of head lice and can give it to each other in schools, playgrounds, and daycare. Head lice can be given to people easily – which is why you should avoid any contact with someone if you or your children have it.

If your child has head lice try to determine where they could have gotten it from. It is wise to contact your child’s school or daycare about the problem so that they can determine if they gave it to your child or if your child gave it to them.


– Go to your nearest drug store and purchase lice treatments. When using these treatments you want to follow the instructions very carefully. (Warning: if the treatments do not seem to be working then contact your physician)

– Wash your child’s clothes, bedding, towels, stuffed animals in hot water and dry them on a hot setting.

– If any hair items (brushes, ponytails, headbands) have been shared or used since the breakout you need to throw them away or soak them in rubbing alcohol.

Treating Head Lice

– Vacuum your home thoroughly. Vacuum floors and furniture.

– Do not use any pesticides as this can be harmful to you, your children, and any pets you might have.

– Check your child’s head for lice every day for at least two weeks. While you might have gotten rid of the fully mature lice there is a chance that you missed the eggs.

– For extra pre-caution you could always treat your hair as well as any other member in your house.

While lice will not harm your child or spread any disease it will cause great discomfort. Your child’s head will itch and it will irritate their heads. Please remember to be careful and if you know your child has lice take immediate action. Let’s not spread it to others.

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  1. You can safely and effectively kill lice with salt water or a sauna – learn how to kill lice without killing yourself or the earth……

    Pediculicide POISONS do not remove nits and are dangerous. Among the reactions to poison shampoo or lice “treatments” are seizures, mental retardation, many different allergies and respiratory problems, strange tingling, burning, itching, attention deficit disorders, brain tumors, leukemia, cancer and death.

    I have used a sauna and/or salt water to safely and effectiely kill lice (but the nits remain).

    I have also used ½ oz. of Safe Solutions, Inc. Lice R Gone® Enzyme Shampoo and/or their Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint per shampoo-type application to safely remove both lice and nits.

    Read how to safely control all pests at http://www.thebestcontrol2.com

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