Exotic Natural Hair Perfume

Sometimes we are forced to use hair products that help to tame or heal our hair – but the smell that they give off is nauseating. Ok this might be an exaggeration – but let’s admit that anyone who has to use Selsun Blue or any type of dandruff shampoo will not have the best smelling hair. I know because I have had to use them before. No matter how much conditioner or other hair products I tried to use to cover the smell it would not work. Continue reading “Exotic Natural Hair Perfume”

Trying To Get Rid Of Acne

Trying to get rid of pimples (acne) is a process that is simple to do – but should be done properly. First thing you have to remember is to not touch the pimple and NEVER pop it, which could lead to an infection or, even worse, scarring. I know that we all have this instinct to touch and see if it is still there, and we somehow think that if we pop it it’ll disappear. This will actually make it stand out more on your face and could cause scarring or an infection. Continue reading “Trying To Get Rid Of Acne”

Shaping Your Eyebrows Without The Wax

Eyebrows helps to define our face and to accentuate our eyes – but this is not an easy task. It is very rare that we are blessed with perfectly shaped and perfectly colored eyebrows. More often then not they are either too skinny, too hairy, too short, too long, too dark, or too light. They try to have a mind of their own and because of this we shell out $10 every two weeks for a professional to do them. Continue reading “Shaping Your Eyebrows Without The Wax”

Helping Your Hands To Soften Up

Our hands are a very small part of us – but we still want them to look and feel beautiful. That is why we will pay $50 a month if we have to on a manicure so that our nails will look better after we have bitten them down to the cuticle. Fixing our nails is easy to do – but trying to keep our hands soft is something that many of us have been trying to figure out for quite a long time. Continue reading “Helping Your Hands To Soften Up”