Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow Helps You Get A Good Night’s Rest

When you’re pregnant it can be hard to get comfortable. After all you are carrying another person inside of you and the bigger they get, the bigger your stomach gets. When you sleep you are not able to lay on your stomach and for most it can hurt when you lay on your back making it difficult for you to sleep. The best thing to use to give you a good nights rest is a snoozer pregnancy pillow. Continue reading “Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow Helps You Get A Good Night’s Rest”

Surviving The First Trimester

The first trimester of your pregnancy are the first three months of the pregnancy. During this time there are quite a few things that you can expect to change in your life. Not only will your body be undergoing a few changes – but your emotions will also change dramatically. This is partly because we are going through such a life changing experience and also because our hormones are going crazy. Continue reading “Surviving The First Trimester”

Shrink Your Post-Pregnancy Belly With The Belly Bandit

Being pregnant is a wonderful and almost magical time for many women. There are times that we would love to block out of our memory – like the times we were spent over the toilet throwing up every meal. I was one of the lucky few who did not have to experience this. Everything about us changes during this time. We hate foods that we used to love and we love foods that used to make us sick. We even mix certain foods that should never be seen together. Like pickles and chocolate! Continue reading “Shrink Your Post-Pregnancy Belly With The Belly Bandit”

Exercising Guidelines For Pregnant Women

When you are pregnant there are many rules to follow and healthy things that you should be doing to make sure that you and your baby are healthy. You need to take your prenatal vitamin, eat healthy foods, eat enough, and exercise. Many pregnant women are under the impression that exercise is bad for the baby and can hurt it. It is true that there are some exercises that pregnant women should stay away from – but this doesn’t mean that everything is off limits. Continue reading “Exercising Guidelines For Pregnant Women”

Show Off Your Baby Belly With Cute Maternity Clothes

Being pregnant can be one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life. To feel and know that someone is growing inside of you is amazing. But it can also be a hard time for us. Besides dealing with all of the nausea, vomiting, food cravings and dislikes, and mood swings we also have to worry about the weight we gain. Sure gaining a bit of weight is necessary for making room for that 7 pound baby – but it isn’t always easy on our self esteem. Continue reading “Show Off Your Baby Belly With Cute Maternity Clothes”