Should We Avoid Office Romances?

More often than not you will find people who believe that having a romance with someone you work with can lead to a bad situation. Surprisingly enough this isn’t always such a bad thing.

Over half of all Americans will date those that they work with and more often than not they find that it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. There are some rules and limitations that have to be followed. For example; if you are dating your boss make sure that you don’t take advantage of him by getting the shifts and raises that you want. Also make sure he doesn’t do this to you.Romance

As tempted as you are to ask for these things you must remember that taking advantage of him/her will only lead to mistrust latter on in the relationship. Not to mention it isn’t fair to the other co-workers.

Sometimes people also feel that married couples should never work together because it causes tension among everyone. This is something that depends on the personality type of the couple. There are some couples who are very easy going and don’t care if one is doing a better job than the other.

Than again there are those who are become jealous because of this. Or maybe they hate to be told what they are doing wrong by their better half. These types of people should not work together if they find that they have these problems. They could find that working together could damage their relationship. Plus they would be forcing their co-workers to choose sides.