Surviving The First Trimester

The first trimester of your pregnancy are the first three months of the pregnancy. During this time there are quite a few things that you can expect to change in your life. Not only will your body be undergoing a few changes – but your emotions will also change dramatically. This is partly because we are going through such a life changing experience and also because our hormones are going crazy.

Those of you who have never been pregnant before and are more then a little nervous don’t worry too much. Being pregnant is a wonderful and amazing experience and every moment should be enjoyed to the fullest.Baby

In the first trimester you will usually get the morning sickness. Remember that just because it is called morning sickness doesn’t mean you won’t be sick throughout the whole day. Some of you may not experience this and some of you will have to deal with it a lot. When I was pregnant it only bothered me twice and for that I was lucky. However, I have known women to lose weight during the first trimester because they were throwing up so much.

Besides having morning sickness you will notice that your appettite will change, Some of you will craze foods you once hated and will hate the foods that you usually love. Remember that you are eating for two – but that the little one inside of you doesn’t need too much at this time.

There is nothing wrong with gaining weight while you are pregnant and let’s be honest we really can’t help it. However, you do not want to go overboard and gain too much. This is just not healthy for you and it can give you horrible back pains.

In the first trimester you still have the ability to exercise. Unless there are complication pregnant women can usually exercise until their third trimester.

First Trimester

Each pregnancy is going to be different. Those of you who have had one or two babies will know that with each new baby comes all new experiences. Just remember to enjoy it!