Time To Show Off Those Beautiful Legs

Many of us right now are basking in the glow of the sun’s rays trying to get the perfect tan (luckily with no tan lines) so that for the winter we can stop flashing people with our extremely white skin. At least that is what some of you are doing. There are some of us (like me) who are not comfortable showing that much skin in public and we walk around in jeans a t-shirt all summer long. It doesn’t matter that we are burning up and that every time we step outside the house we are drenched in sweat.

I fall under the second category. Partly because I am too busy to have time to tan and partly because I am not completely comfortable with the way that my body looks. But this year was different. Normally I would never wear shorts. I’ve been like that for many years now. I remember Capriswhen I was 17 and playing softball my teammates would ask me why I wear long jeans instead of shorts to the games. I told them that I hated to wear shorts and the jeans soon became known as my lucky jeans. It didn’t matter that I was thin I just didn’t like the way that my legs looked. To me they didn’t look feminine despite everyone telling me they were.

This summer seemed hotter then most and for the first time in a long time I decided to be fully comfortable with my body and have been wearing shorts, skorts, and capris. It is true that my legs are still white – but I think that all of us should be able to wear what we want. With that being said there are some rules that we have to remember before going out in any of these. These are truly basic rules that most women follow no matter what they wear.

– Shave, shave, shave! No one wants to see a women with hair on her legs. Guys might be able to get away with it – but a woman who doesn’t shave is a bit scary for any of us to see.

– Make sure it fits. You don’t want to buy something that is too tight or too baggy. Find a pair of shorts that fit you perfectly so that you are comfortable in them and make sure that they are not too short. If you wear capris make sure that they are not too long. I can’t stand the capris that stop right on the angle. The best ones stop right after the knee.


– Wear the right shoes. Because it is summer the most comfortable shoes to wear are sandals. Just make sure that they match the shorts you are wearing. Flip-flops look great with shorts – but high-heeled sandals are something that you might want to stay away from. Sneakers also look great with shorts and even capris. You might be able to pull off the high-heeled sandals with skorts.