Allow Pilates To Relax Your Mind & Body

For some people exercising is a way of de-stressing and working off the problems that they had to deal with throughout the day. However, there are some of us who think that running along a treadmill for an hour just won’t cut it. Instead of beating the stress out of us why not try something that is more relaxing to our body and mind? 

In Pilates you do a series of exercises (breathing, control, and centering) to help clear your mind, center your body, and to allow you to relax from the stressful days you deal Pilateswith. It is often compared to Yoga and while the two are similar there is one thing that Pilates can be used for that Yoga is not as effective at – weight loss.

Many people have found a great Pilates instructor or were able to find great tapes to follow along to and together with a healthy diet and lots of walking they have been able to lose more than 30 pounds and were able to get their body to look like it did when they were teenagers.

If you decide to practice Pilates make sure that you find a proper instructor and stay faithful to the routine. If you choose to do it on your own make sure that you do exactly what they tell you and make sure that you do the exercises correctly.