Losing Weight While At The Office

Those of us who have an office job sit down over 50% of the day taking phone calls and filing reports. We may love our job and the pay that we get – but most of us notice the extra 20 pounds that we have put on since starting. It’s true that it can be hard to keep off the pounds when we are sitting down all day. How are we supposed to walk this off?

Most of us have families that we have to come home to and take care of making us wonder when we can fit exercise into our schedule. The fact that we don’t always eat the best foods while we are at work doesn’t help matters. You will find that people who sit down most of the day are likely to eat more than those who are active or who work Snacking At Workaround food all day.

But don’t worry because we have a few tips that might just cure this problem. These tips can help you to work towards that slimmer waistline and they aren’t too hard to follow.

1. Self Control

I can’t tell you how much I stress this when it comes to diet. I know that it is the hardest rule to follow even for me – but it is very important. We need to practice self control. This doesn’t mean that we have to stay away from the sweets and such. It just means that if you have some have it in moderation.

2. Working Out On The Way To Work

There are ways to get at least a small exercise in between your work commute. Try parking further away from the building so that you can walk. Try walking to and from lunch. If you take your lunch at work then walk around outside with your extra time. You can even do your own errands around the office yourself. If you need to talk to a co-worker then walk over there instead of talking. If you need copies of something than walk over and do it yourself instead of asking someone else to do it.

3. Grab That Dusty Lunchbox

It’s time to pull out your old lunchbox from your school days and to take your own lunch with you. This will help you to eat less, eat healthier, and save money. All three are a positive plus.

Walking To Work4. Keep That Mouth Busy

Try finding things that will keep your mouth busy. Instead of snacking constantly on the sweets try popping in some gum or talking with someone.

5. Fight The Boredom With Water

It is no surprise that we all get bored while at work. Usually we fill our time by eating up the stray snacks that are lying around for everyone to dig into. Instead try going for some water. You could even try those new Life Waters that Sobe makes. These are good for you and they have more taste than just having plain old water. You will also find that most of the time when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty. You can also snack on fruits or veggies if you really want to eat something.

6. Also try to find some co-workers who are trying to lose the weight and keep it off. Form a support group together and keep each other accountable. When you feel the need to urge to eat something unhealthy or to eat too much then go to them and talk with them instead and let them tell you no. It is harder to lose weight on your own.