Apply Mascara The Right Way

Do you ever have those trial and error days? You know the days when you want to look as beautiful as you feel so you decide to actually put on some mascara and lipstick today – but you find that the reason you had stopped was because it was so hard and annoying? I love the way mascara makes my eyes look – but sometimes trying to put it on is such a hassle and it makes a mess.

Smeared MascaraAt least I used to make a mess. I was lucky enough to get some very valuable tips that helped to teach me how to put it on with no problems and very little mess:

– More often than not after we apply mascara we have noticed that our eyelashes are clumped together. This happens when there is too much mascara on the wand. In order to keep your mascara from clumping up run it lightly across tissue paper. This will remove all of the excess mascara and keep it from clumping up your eyelashes and from smearing around your eyes.

– Many of us would love to put mascara on our bottom eyelashes – but they are so small that it is difficult to know exactly how to do this. After Eyeremoving all the clumps hold the mascara wand vertically and move it back and forth. Make sure to cover all the lashes. Use a lash comb to help separate any lashes. Sometimes smudging is going to happen. The easy way to clean these smudges up is to use a Q-tip. They are small and won’t affect your eyelashes.

When you use mascara correctly you will make your eyes pop out more and give your self a sexy new look to show off.