Weight Training: Don’t Overdue It

How many of us wish that we had the perfect body? When I think of the perfect body the first person that pops into my head is Laura Croft (played by Angelina Jolie). She is thin, she has the perfectly toned arms, legs, and a six pack and she stills looks beautiful. I know that you are thinking that this is impossible. Those of you who watched the ‘Biggest Loser’ this year know that it is possible. The winner – Alli – proved to all women that you can lose the weight, tone up, and look great. All you need is some determination and hard work.

Weight TrainingMost of us feel that to get the results we need we have to weight train for thirty to sixty minutes every day. The only thing this will do is wear us out and make us incredibly sore. Plus it might give us a little too much bulk than we wanted. To get the best results you need to exercise for about twenty minutes every day.

To help you to lose the weight you want to use the remaining forty minutes to do your cardio. I find that the best cardo is to walk or use the elliptical machine for a good thirty to forty minutes.

Try targeting each area of the body on different days. Below is a good schedule that you could use:

• Monday: Chest and Back Weight Training for 20 min.
• Tuesday: Shoulder Strength Exercise for 20 min.
• Wednesday: Abs Weight Training for 20 min.
• Thursday: Biceps and Triceps Strength Training for 20 min.
• Friday: Grab Bag/Wild Card for 20 min.
• Saturday:Chest and Shoulder Strength Training for 20 min.
• Sunday: Hip and Thigh Weight Training for 20 min.

Ali From Biggest Loser

Remember that once you pick your schedule you need to stick to it and be faithful to it. Also every week try increasing the amount of reps you do. For example if you did ten bicep curls one week try increasing it to fifteen the next and then twenty the week after that. If you start off too high or too low you will see short term results that will not last very long.

Some days it can get hard to stay faithful to your work schedule. I know that life can kind of spin out of control and cause us to lose momentum and to knock us off track. Also we will have days when we won’t feel like rolling out of bed in the morning and working out in the gym. Push yourself as hard as you can. Once you get there you will be happy that you did. To make things easier you should find a friend to work out with you.