Choosing Foundation To Match Your Skin Tone

When it comes to make-up most of us have to admit that we desperately need it to make ourselves look ‘put together’ in the morning. There are some out there who have perfect skin and have had the pleasure of only having to wear blush. Wearing make-up wouldn’t be so bad if it was always easy to do – but for some of us it is becoming a chore.

Ok so the only chore really comes from shopping for the right colors to match your skin tone. I was cursed with uneven skin tone mainly due to my many freckles splashed across my face. Because of this I often have a hard time trying to find the perfect foundation color to match my skin. Sometimes I go to dark and other times I go too light. There are even times when I had to mix both light and dark to get it to the shade I needed.Powder Foundation

There are ways that I learned can make this shopping experience easier on all of us. Before you choose which kind you want (powder or liquid) you need to know what type of skin you have; dry, oily, or both. If you have oily skin then you want to stay away from the liquid foundation. Whereas if you have dry skin the powder foundation will not do you any good. Often cream-to-powder foundations will work best for combination skin.

In order to choose the right color you want to make sure that it matches your face perfectly. Most of us will test the color on our hands or arms – but this technique doesn’t work. More often than not this skin will be darker than that of your face. Instead you need to completely wash your face so that you can test it on something fresh and clean. We recommend that you visit a nice cosmetic store when doing this. Even if you don’t necessarily buy from them you will get an idea of what color to look for.

Pick out a few colors that look closest to your skin tone and apply small dots on your jawline. We choose this spot because we want to make sure that the foundation will blend in everywhere. It’s embarrassing when people can see where your make-up stops. Also look at the colors in natural sunlight to get a better idea.

Liquid Foundation

Make sure that no matter where you buy from you can try to return it if you realize that you did choose the wrong color. You don’t want to have to stick with something that doesn’t compliment you or have to shell out another $10-$15 on more foundation.