Make Valentine’s Day Something To Remember

Our boyfriends and husbands always seem to do the leg work and come up with all of the romantic pleasures and gifts that we love and enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Why not give them a day off and come up with our own ideas. This year we have some great ideas that are affordable and romantic. These ideas are great and will get you both into the perfect romantic mood for the night.

Going out to a nice restaurant is so overrated so why not stay at home and sit by the fire. Better yet if you have a fireplace pull the sofa right up to it and have some champagne next to it on ice. Make a romantic dinner that your loved one likes and don’t forget the strawberries dipped in chocolate. For an added touch play some soft music in the background.Happy Valentine’s Day

Another great way to pamper them is to draw a nice hot bath filled with rose petals. Because roses are so expensive around Valentines Day, you can ask your florist for short stemmed roses, or for “seconds” – one’s that are slightly bruised since you won’t be giving them in a traditional way. Have a glass of wine and some chocolates to nibble on by the side of the bathtub. Meanwhile, prepare the bedroom. Line the bed with towels fresh out of the dryer so that they’re warm. Get a basin full of warm water near the bed, several washcloths and some great spa products. Start off with an exfoliating rub. Wash that away, then massage in a great moisturizer like. You might also want to throw in a foot rub for extra brownie points. Afterwards the two of you can enjoy takeout in bed while you watch a romantic movie. Before hand you can always cook a romantic dinner.

This idea ay not be as affordable – but it is quite romantic. Rent a hotel room for the night that you both can go to after a romantic dinner. Before hand when he is at work go to the hotel room and spread rose petals all over the floor and bed. Have some champagne waiting for you both and enjoy. To make things even better you can get a room with a hot tub for the both of you to enjoy. Don’t forget to give him some chocolates and a few flowers. Even guys like a few flowers!


This Valentine’s Day plan a romantic evening that the two of you can enjoy together and remember forever.

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