Diets Not To Go On

Finding the right diet is never easy. Most of us go through periods when we try three or four different diets in less than three months. There are so many options out there and when one doesn’t work the way we hope we get discouraged and move on to the next one. But you need to be careful about what you choose. There are some diets and tips that you should never listen to.

1. Stay as far away from diets that promote or promise drastic weight loss. When you start a diet, you can potentially drop a lot of weight during the first two weeks (some of which will be water weight). However, if you lose more than two pounds per week in the weeks that follow, you run the risk of losing “muscle mass,” and your metabolism will slow down in response. That’s why true health experts advocate losing weight slowly and gradually, so you melt away fat while sparing precious muscle.

2. Diets that claim to work because of special supplements, creams, or potions, no diet or exercise required or diets that make you buy mega supplements in order to follow the program are bogus. Nothing works that good. If you do use any type of supplement you have to eat the right foods and exercise along with it.

3. Stay away from diets that differ entirely from the way you currently eat (or like to eat). If a plan is incompatible with your lifestyle, chances are slim you’ll stick with it.

4. Diets that are less than 1,000 calories are not safe for anyone. Your body needs that 1,000 calories everyday in order to keep you healthy. When you eat less your body becomes to difficult to sustain and can often leave you cranky, irritable, and with a bad headache. Not to mention hungry and lethargic.

5. Diets that claim they are effortless are lying and only say that to pull you in. Losing weight takes time, self-control, and a lot of effort.

6. And finally stay away from diets that cut out entire food groups, or focus on only a few foods. It is important to always get a good helping of fruits, veggies, fiber, and meat in your diet. Cutting it out doesn’t work, but cutting back does.