No-No’s For The First Date

When it comes to bad dates we like to blame the guy for it. In most cases you would be right, but you have to admit that sometimes we make some first date no-no’s without even noticing. Of course if you eralize haf way through the date that you aren’t really interested than go ahead and do those things that drives them away. But if you are trying to get past the first date and onto the second here are a few things to remember:

1. Blabbing about your ex

C’mon girls no one wants to hear about the last guy you were with. And they definitely don’t want to be compared to him. How would we feel if he talked about the last girl he was with. We’d be mad! The more you talk about the ex, the more we’ll think that we’ve got “rebound” stamped on our collective forehead. And here’s a weird little guy trait you might not know: Trash the dude too much, and he might start to mentally take his side. They’ll think you’re just being too critical. And worse, they’ll wonder if are you going to be this harsh on them.

2. Asking too many finance-based questions about your date’s job
It’s one thing to take an interest in what he does, but save the “Does your company give you stock options?” questions for a little further down the road. Like after you get engaged. They get nervous when you pry to early too much. 

3. Not eating anything
Men hate it when girls don’t eat. I remember when I was dating my soon-to-be husband and both him and his best friend said that they loved a girl with an appetitie, which I had of course :D. Now that doesn’t mean that they want you to be a pig. Just don’t want someone who will take two bites and throw away the rest.

4. Picking really expensive restaurants
When he asks you to pick the restaurant don’t go for something that will rob him of his paycheck. On a birthday they won’t mind blowing a paycheck on dinner. But on the first date? Not so much. Using men to take an unpaid tour of the Zagat’s guide is right up there with “running over the dog” as one of the suckiest first date misdeeds a woman can commit.

5. Acting like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend too fast
Try not to scare him. I know that some of us know right off that this is the one, but if you act like it on the first date than you are bound to frighten them before they get to feel the same way. Leave him wanting more. Get too clingy too fast, and you’ll scare him off in a hurry. Nothing screams “psycho girlfriend” like giving him a cutesy nickname 15 minutes into your first date.

6. Whining about how hard it is to meet people these days
“When a girl is going on and on about how hard it is ‘out there’ in the dating world, men can’t help but think, What’s wrong with this person that no one wants to be with her?”. Plus, it doesn’t exactly make a guy feel special if he knows he’s number 11 in the line of guys you dated that month.

7. Acting flirty with other guys at the bar or, worse, with our friends
This is one of the biggest no-no’s. You start acting flirty with every men that walk by and especially with one of their friends than they won’t trust you.

8. Not having an opinion
We don’t live in the middle ages anymore. Most men acctually do want a woman who can speak for herself and make up her own mind. One of the major goals of a first date is to find out if two people are compatible. They want to find out what you like, what you think. So drop the overly polite act, and give them a peek into what’s going on in your brain.