High Fashion Heels To Stay Away From

If there is one thing that we all know about ourselves it is the fact that we love to look beautiful. We love the way it makes us feel and we love the looks we get when a stranger walks by and gives us that knowing smile that says, “You’re hot!” While it’s true that men have this same desire (though they won’t admit it) women have more of a problem with it.

To some of us anything that we can find that will complement our figure will do just fine. Others have to have the trendiest clothes and the designer clothes that will take up a whole paycheck with just two pieces of clothing. Probably one of women’s biggest fetish are shoes. You may not think this applies to you and maybe it doesn’t – but look in your closet and count how many shoes you have.Trying On Shoes

The usual collection of shoes consists of tennis shoes, sandals, and a pair of dress shoes. Now count how many different styles and colors of dress shoes and sandals you have. I have known women who need a whole wall for the amount of shoes they had.

Shoes are addictive because they help to complement the outfits we are wearing and they can even help to shape up our figures. That’s right. When you wear heels you can make your legs look longer and more shapely.

I do have to warn some of you that buying the trendiest and most expensive shoes are not always the way to go. Sometimes you just have to go ‘discount’ and find something a bit more practical. Why? Well because more often than not the trendy shoes will kill our feet and give us blisters. Not to mention that some of them are just downright tacky! I have gathered pictures of a few shoes that have been made by some of the top designers but are ones that should be locked up with the key thrown away. It’s painful just to even look at them!

Heel-Less Shoes 

Not only do these designer shoes look a bit odd – but they also look incredibly painful. I honestly cannot fathom how we are supposed to comfortably walk in those.

Prada Flower Heels

I think that Prada should go back to the drawing board on the style and look of this one. Sure the heel might be a bit high – but that isn’t the worst part about this. Can we say tacky?

High Tide Heels

I can understand supporting a cause and what better one than Global Warming. However, this may be taking it a bit too far. I don’t think that the Hollywood stars would even consider wearing them no matter how high fashion they are.

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