How To Encourage Men To Ask You Out

Why is it that some woman have no problems getting asked out by men and seem to get asked a lot – but others can’t seem to be asked out at all? I have known some beautiful women who have been in relationships (many times) – but they will admit that they have never once been asked out on a real date before. Are there certain things that many women are forgetting to do that makes a man not want to ask her out?

What many of us don’t realize is that the things we do to protect ourselves or naturally do make some men feel that we are not interested when we really are. We need to learn what these things are and how to perfect these techniques so that we can be encouraging them to ask us out instead of reject us before we ‘reject’ them.

– Let him know that there is no need to fear rejection from you. Men know when we put up our defenses and they will take it as a sign that we Coupleswant them to back off. What they don’t know is that we are putting up these defenses in order to protect ourselves from them. We don’t know when they are first talking to use whether or not they are truly interested in us or are trying to feel us out.

Men hate rejection just as much as we do so to make them feel more at ease we need to be more at ease around them. Let your defenses down if only a little and let him know with your words that you are interested.

– Don’t let the conversation lag. Sometimes there will be a silence in the conversation and at times it may be a bit uncomfortable. We smile to try to fill in the time – but most men will interpret this as us being polite and inside wishing they would go away as fast as possible. Before you head out on your date think of three good questions to ask when something like this happens. Get personal and let him know you are interested.

– You don’t always have to wait for him to make the first move. Don’t ask him out on a date – but rather a pre-date. Casually ask him if he would like to hang out with you and your friends while you play a game of tennis. Or maybe you both can have some coffee and get together on your lunch breaks. This will give both of you a preview of what the real date will be like and if he likes what he sees he will make the next move.