Men Who Can’t Commit

Sometimes when you think that you met the perfect man things change and he begins to back off without any warning. This leaves you confused on what you could have done. Before you start to blame yourself you need to know that this your almost perfect date has what we like to call commitment phobia!

This is someone who thinks he raring for a relationship but never seems able to cross the finish line. Could you have avoided the pain of falling for a person incapable of truly falling back? Yes. These are some signs that someone, despite attempts to act available, actually houses a heart that’s closed for business.

#1: Your date has a life and isn’t letting you be a part of it
When you met he explained that he worked alot of over time and had other activities that he did over the week – but that you could tag along sometimes. But as the weeks pass you don’t get an invitation and he keeps saying how busy he is to see you. Then he dumps you and of course blames it on is schedule.

Tip: If the relationship has become somewhat established and a partner still can’t make you a priority, that sends a clear message: You can stand at the doorway of this date’s life, but you can’t walk in.

#2: Your date’s falling for you too fast
It’s fun to feel someone new is really into you. Still, having a brand-new prospect gush about how wonderful you are before you’ve even ordered dessert on your first date is a little suspect. After all, the two of you are strangers. How can he or know what makes you wonderful yet? More likely, this person’s ardor is being fueled by a love of the chase rather than you in particular—and once you’re caught, you may see the interest waver. These type of men back off real quick when you start to have the same feelings and express them to him.

Tip: Most men who have interest that quick are too good too be true.

#3: Your date’s falling for you but there’s a catch
When someone admits to having strong feelings for you, it’s understandable to feel like your insides have turned to mush. Only, in that state, your B.S. detector might not pick up what else your date might be saying when delivering this sweet declaration. For example: some people say, “I can’t beleive I’m falling for you so fast so soon after my break-up.” Most people in general aren’t ready to start a relationship that quick and both of you realize it too late.

Tip: The alarm bells should go off when you hear about break-up like that.

#4: Your date’s all talk and no walk
Closet commitment-phobes give great lip service to the idea that they want a relationship, and it can be easy to trust they’ll put their words in action. But the longer that takes to happen — or, if it doesn’t happen at all — the only thing you should trust is your instinct to get out. It’s easy to be seduced by pretty words, but unless there’s follow-through in the end, you’re left with nothing to hold onto but an empty promise.

Tip: Try to pick up on this quick so you don’t waste too much of your life on a relationship that is going nowhere.