All of you young girls know that there is a certain age when your bodies will change – but many are not quite sure what to expect and why it happens. I know that when I was a young girl I knew some of the things that would change – but I never knew exactly what to expect.

Puberty is what they call the time when our bodies truly begin to form and to prepare us for womanhood. Depending on your body type will determine whether puberty will last a year or six years for you. It will also depend when you hit it.

Teen Girls

When your body hits puberty your body will begin to take shape and you will grow, everywhere. You will start to have hips and breasts that will define your body shape and give you curves.

The changes in our bodies are caused by hormones. The brain has a switch that knows when the body is getting close to sexual maturity. It will release different hormones that will affect different parts of your body. Not only will your body begin to take shape – but your reproductive glands will also start to fully develop. The hormones will stimulate the ovaries in your bodies – which will in turn produce estrogen and progesterone.

You might gain some weight during puberty – but don’t worry because it is only because you are getting the curves that turn you into a woman. When your breasts start to develop is close to the time when your menstrual cycle will start.