Quick Exercises For Busy Women

Summer is going to be her sooner than we think. This means that it’s time to get a head start on achieving the perfect body for the right bikini. Ok. So we may not be able to show off a perfect body – but we do want to be able to show off flatter abs, butt, and especially thighs.

Unfortunately for us it can be difficult to find any time to work out. We even have a hard time finding time to go walking – even though it is the easiest exercise. Lucky for us there are some exercises that only take 10 minutes. You can either do it every other day or every day if you are looking for quicker results.Abs

1. Dolphin Kicks – focuses on hamstrings, abs, lats, and glutes

For this exercise you want to balance your weight on your forearms with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Make sure to pull your shoulder blades down towards the hips (away from your ears) – this will keep the stress off your shoulders. Extend your hips and spine, pull in your abs (this supports your torso) and bend your right knee slightly off the floor for more support. First Inhale, and then as you exhale extend your left leg straight out to hip height, contracting the glutes and hamstrings. Your hips should be facing forward at all times. With a slight bend, return the left leg to meet the opposite supporting leg.

Repeat up to 20 repetitions, keeping the torso still, then switch to the other side.

2. Super Butt Kicks – focuses on hamstrings, glutes, and abs

Lay down on your back, placing your arms down by your side. Lift your hips off the floor in a bridge position. Your right knee should be bent with the heel in line with your sit bone, and your left leg should be extended straight up. As you inhale, lower your left leg to the floor. Be sure to keep your hips still and maintain the bridge position. Exhale and bring the leg back up to the start position

Repeat up to 20 reps, then lower your left leg to the floor in the same bent position as the right. Lower your butt to the floor, rest, and change over to the other leg.

Bikini3. Dead Bug – focuses on abs

Lay down on your back with knees bent at a 45-degree angle. Head, neck and shoulders should be off the floor and hands resting on your knees. On an exhale, draw in your abs and simultaneously extend your left leg out and your right hand over your head. Repeat this move, alternating your arms and legs. Keep your eyes focused on your belly button at all times, and if you start to feel tension in your neck, lower your head down to the floor. (This will get easier as you build more strength in the abs.)

Build up to 20 repetitions completed twice with a 30-second to 1-minute break. Make sure not to sacrifice form.

4. Side Plank Leg Lifts – focuses on abs and glutes

Lay down on your side, balancing on your right hip and resting on your right forearm. Your right elbow should be directly underneath your shoulder and your knees bent and stacked on top of each other. While exhaling, contract your abs, and lift your hips off the floor. At the same time, extend your left arm and leg out to the side of your body, making sure to keep the knee and toe facing forward.

Try for 10-15 reps, then turn over onto your other side and repeat.