Show Off Your Baby Belly With Cute Maternity Clothes

Being pregnant can be one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life. To feel and know that someone is growing inside of you is amazing. But it can also be a hard time for us. Besides dealing with all of the nausea, vomiting, food cravings and dislikes, and mood swings we also have to worry about the weight we gain. Sure gaining a bit of weight is necessary for making room for that 7 pound baby – but it isn’t always easy on our self esteem.

Pregnancy PantsI remember when I got pregnant. I was so excited to be able to eat what I want and I didn’t care about gaining weight. That was until I started to really pack on the pounds. Than I started to get worried and I thought I looked horrible. Always know that being pregnant is a wonderful thing and you will look wonderful no matter how much weight you gain.

Of course there are always ways of creating a great look for yourself to compliment your new baby belly. Some women try to avoid them – but eventually all women will have to enter the maternity ward and choose clothes that they can wear comfortably.

First let me say that maternity clothes don’t have to be baggy or frumpy. If you go to the right places you can find cute clothes that aren’t expensive and will look fantastic on you.

Pregnncy DressThere are two main types of pants that you can look at. One is the kind that has the ‘pouch’ which will frame the whole belly. There are also pants that have the expandable waist band that is only an inch or two thick (often called early pregnancy pants). Personally I felt that the early pregnancy pants was much more comfortable and had more cute styles to choose from. I was able to wear them throughout my whole pregnancy. But it is determined on what is more comfortable for you.

When it comes to shirts there are so many to choose from. If you want to get really stylish you could buy halter tops and tank tops for the summertime to help keep you cooled down in all that heat. For the wintertime you could always buy an oversized sweater or some nice long sleeved shirts that will frame and show off your cute belly. I always recommend getting the long sleeved shirts that have the bust line. This helps to frame your belly even more and makes it clear that you are pregnant and not overweight.Pregnancy Shirt

Don’t forget about dresses for any nice occasion that is coming up. Don’t think that these are off limits. You can find some truly amazing dresses that will curve in all the right places. Again the cut and the design that you choose is all what you feel comfortable in.

When it comes to the design it is all about what you like to be seen in. There are so many cute styles to choose from and you can even keep them for the next time you get pregnant without fear of them going out of style.

So be proud of your new baby belly and show it off. The happier you are with the way you look the more you will glow and everyone will think you look like the perfect pregnant mother!

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