Signs You May Be Pregnant

Many women ask how they know if they are pregnant. The easiest ways to find out is to take a pregnancy test – but as most of us know these are not always as accurate as they say they are. Also you have to be pregnant a certain amount of time before they can tell. Your body has its own natural way of telling you whether or not you could be pregnant.

Pregnancy TestMissed Menstrual Cycle

Many women who are pregnant will miss their menstrual cycle for the month. This is one of the most obvious signs and the best one to look for. Be careful though because there are a few percentages of women who will have it. However, it will be very light and it will not last as long.


If you are usually a very energetic person that can take on the world – but suddenly feel as if you could just fall down and sleep after a few hours of working than you might be pregnant. Pregnancy has a way of tiring us out because our bodies are working overtime to take care of the baby inside.


Many women will be very nauseated and sick with everything they eat or smell. You will find that your appetite has changed in an unexpected way and you won’t be able to hold things down for very long. Keep in mind that not all women experience heavy nausea.Pregnancy

Senses Heightened

Your sense of smell will be on overdrive and you will discover smells (more than likely disgusting ones) that you have never noticed before.

Tender Breasts

Your breasts will also change if you are pregnant. They will slowly become bigger and they will become tender – which may feel uncomfortable at times.

Food Cravings

You may notice that you are craving your favorite food at all hours of the night. However, it is when you want the odd mixture of food (like pickles and peanut butter) that you really want to consider the possibility of being pregnant.

If you are experiencing one or more of these it is a possibility that you may be pregnant. Keep in mind though that these are not always signs of being pregnant – but can also be attributed to other things in your life. You can still try a pregnancy test – but for a more accurate reading you should visit your doctor and take their pregnancy test – which is fool-proof.