What Is Alli?

Alli is the FDA approved over the counter weight loss pill that has been released for a year now. In fact it is the only diet pill that is FDA approved. When you sign on to taking alli you are not only signing on to take the alli capsules that help you to shed the pounds – but you commit to the myalliplan. This plan is tailored to your needs.

Alli claims that they are not just another gimmick – but that it will truly help you to lose the weight you have a hard time getting off. However, it is not a wonder pill and it requires hard work on your part. Along with taking the pill you must also be exercising daily and eating the right foods.

If everything is done properly you will notice that close to 50% of your body fat is being shed. This means that instead of losing 10 pounds on your own alli is helping you to shed 15.

Alli Plan

How it works

The alli capsules help to prevent your body from absorbing a quarter of the fat that you eat. Studies show that one gram of fat has more than double the calories of the same amount of protein or carbs. This means that if you eat something that has a reduced amount of calories along with using the capsule then you can make a dramatic change in your weight and the amount of calories that enter your body.

Remember that alli is not for everyone and you should contact your physician to make sure that you do not have conditions that could prevent you from using it properly.