Dieting Your Way

When it comes to dieting everyone is different. There are some people who have gone on the slim fast diet and lost the weight while others who have been extremely faithful to it haven’t lost a pound. That is because everyone has a different body and that body has different needs and wants.

For starters some people are blessed with a high metabolism – which means that they can process the food they eat incredibly fast. I’ve seen people eat 4 full plates at a buffet and still look as if they weight 100 lbs. Others are cursed with the very slow metabolism. This is the hardest because they feel like nothing they do can keep the weight off. And of course you have the in between people who can gain weight easily – but also lose it just as fast.

The trick to creating your diet is to test the waters and feel what works best for you. If you are someone who does not have good self control than you might want to consider joining a group like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. If you find that this is too expensive than find a group of friends – on or offline – and ask them to work together to exercise and create meal plans that you all can stick to. This will give you the support and motivation that you need. Also if you feel like you are going to cheat than just call one of them up and talk to them about it.

One of the biggest debates is whether you should own a scale or not. I have had some people who say that owning a scale is bad and that they shouldn’t go by what it says. This to depends on the type of person you are. Personally I prefer to have a scale because it shows me if I am doing a good job or not quickly – rather than having to wait for me to shrink out of my clothes.

If you do decide to get a scale remember to not go cheap and to buy a digital one. I recommend the digital scale that records what you weigh and tells you how much percentage is fat and how much percentage is water weight. You can find this for $50 at Wal-Mart. This is good because it is very accurate and it will help you to make sure that you are eating healthy. Remember that having too small of a percentage of body fat is not a good thing. You should ask your doctor what is the right amount for your height.

Another controversy that people have is whether diet pills really work. You have pills out there that take away the cravings and pills that are supposed to just help you to turn that fat into muscle. But do these really work? When taken the proper way these pills can be a great help to you.

Most people who buy these pills feel that they can take the pills and all the weight will come off on its own. This is a huge miss-conception. If you are going to take these pills than you have to change your lifestyle just as you would if you weren’t going to take them. The pills only work if you are eating right and exercising properly. They just help to speed the process along a little faster.

Of course you could always just diet the old fashioned way. Forgo all the pills and diet plans and create one of your own. I lost 40 lbs. by drinking lots of water, walking as much as I could, and not over eating. I ate the foods I loved – but I ate small portions of them. Now that diet works for me and it took me a little bit to discover it.

You need to find a diet that works well for you and stick to it. If you need incentive think of a person that you want to impress or even put up a picture of someone slim that you want to look like and look at that everyday. Find what motivates you and find what works for you. Remember though to choose a diet that is healthy for you.