Understanding Dangers Of Cholesterol

It is important that we all take care of ourselves no matter how busy of a lifestyle we may have. Everyday we are tempted to stop and grab a quick bite to eat at a fast food restaurant – which tastes so great to us. But what most of us are forgetting is that the food from these restaurants is high in fat and calories and can cause a major health risk – high cholesterol.

High cholesterol is when our body is producing high levels of LDL cholesterol (‘bad’ cholesterol) into our blood stream and not enough of HDL cholesterol (‘good’ cholesterol). When this happens our bodies are more prone to heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

Some of us can control our cholesterol simply by changing our diets and adding an Exerciseexercise routine. This means that we should be eating more fruits and vegetable than just french fries and hamburgers.

Unfortunately there are some of us who have been given high cholesterol through genetics. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are you will struggle with it. When this happens doctors usually recommend a prescription cholesterol lowering drug that they think will work for you.

We shouldn’t let our busy lifestyle control the way we live and eat. We need to remember to take care of ourselves and our families.