Shaping Your Eyebrows Without The Wax

Eyebrows helps to define our face and to accentuate our eyes – but this is not an easy task. It is very rare that we are blessed with perfectly shaped and perfectly colored eyebrows. More often then not they are either too skinny, too hairy, too short, too long, too dark, or too light. They try to have a mind of their own and because of this we shell out $10 every two weeks for a professional to do them. Continue reading “Shaping Your Eyebrows Without The Wax”

Time To Show Off Those Beautiful Legs

Many of us right now are basking in the glow of the sun’s rays trying to get the perfect tan (luckily with no tan lines) so that for the winter we can stop flashing people with our extremely white skin. At least that is what some of you are doing. There are some of us (like me) who are not comfortable showing that much skin in public and we walk around in jeans a t-shirt all summer long. It doesn’t matter that we are burning up and that every time we step outside the house we are drenched in sweat. Continue reading “Time To Show Off Those Beautiful Legs”

Helping Your Hands To Soften Up

Our hands are a very small part of us – but we still want them to look and feel beautiful. That is why we will pay $50 a month if we have to on a manicure so that our nails will look better after we have bitten them down to the cuticle. Fixing our nails is easy to do – but trying to keep our hands soft is something that many of us have been trying to figure out for quite a long time. Continue reading “Helping Your Hands To Soften Up”

Exercising Safely

I am on a bit of a health kick right now. I may not be eating all of the foods that are good for me – but I am swearing off soda, coffee, and my life-saving energy drinks. I have also been working out for an hour at the gym. I noticed this week that after doing the elliptical for an hour my back was incredibly sore and I couldn’t figure it out. After all I am only 21 – which means that I am too young to be getting any back problems. Continue reading “Exercising Safely”

Shrink Your Post-Pregnancy Belly With The Belly Bandit

Being pregnant is a wonderful and almost magical time for many women. There are times that we would love to block out of our memory – like the times we were spent over the toilet throwing up every meal. I was one of the lucky few who did not have to experience this. Everything about us changes during this time. We hate foods that we used to love and we love foods that used to make us sick. We even mix certain foods that should never be seen together. Like pickles and chocolate! Continue reading “Shrink Your Post-Pregnancy Belly With The Belly Bandit”

How To Find A Guy Who Wants A Long Term Relationship

Many of us are looking for the right man that we can connect to and that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. For some of us all we have to do is turn around and he is waiting there for us with open arms. I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams early in life. He was my second boyfriend and he was everything I was looking for. Continue reading “How To Find A Guy Who Wants A Long Term Relationship”

How To Encourage Men To Ask You Out

Why is it that some woman have no problems getting asked out by men and seem to get asked a lot – but others can’t seem to be asked out at all? I have known some beautiful women who have been in relationships (many times) – but they will admit that they have never once been asked out on a real date before. Are there certain things that many women are forgetting to do that makes a man not want to ask her out? Continue reading “How To Encourage Men To Ask You Out”