Finding The Motivation To Lose Weight

I think that it is safe to say that many of us have trouble when it comes to shedding the extra pounds that we have been carrying with us for months or even years. Losing weight means we have to give up the foods that we love and are constantly craving and it means that we have to exercise. We want to lose weight and be thin again – but we just can’t seem to do it. That is because many of us are missing one of the most important steps to losing weight – motivation! Continue reading “Finding The Motivation To Lose Weight”

Five Fantastic Products That Leave You Feeling Fabulous!

I can’t tell you how many times I pass by and stop at the cosmetic aisle while shopping and stare at the hundreds of products that they have trying to determine which will be the one to help me. Whether it be to wash my face, get rid of acne, or hide those ugly stretch marks from my pregnancy days I always seem to choose the wrong product. And that’s after I have read like 10 different bottles. I did some research and I found that some of these products worked great for different problem areas that we have. Continue reading “Five Fantastic Products That Leave You Feeling Fabulous!”

Weight Training: Don’t Overdue It

How many of us wish that we had the perfect body? When I think of the perfect body the first person that pops into my head is Laura Croft (played by Angelina Jolie). She is thin, she has the perfectly toned arms, legs, and a six pack and she stills looks beautiful. I know that you are thinking that this is impossible. Those of you who watched the ‘Biggest Loser’ this year know that it is possible. The winner – Alli – proved to all women that you can lose the weight, tone up, and look great. All you need is some determination and hard work. Continue reading “Weight Training: Don’t Overdue It”

Apply Mascara The Right Way

Do you ever have those trial and error days? You know the days when you want to look as beautiful as you feel so you decide to actually put on some mascara and lipstick today – but you find that the reason you had stopped was because it was so hard and annoying? I love the way mascara makes my eyes look – but sometimes trying to put it on is such a hassle and it makes a mess. Continue reading “Apply Mascara The Right Way”

Couple Problems To Avoid

A majority of singles enjoy a way of life conducive to a healthy body and mind (for example, visiting a gym regularly and eating healthy). Once the love bug has bitten, however, most of these habits are doomed to extinction. A psychologist in New York City, Abby Goldstein, PsyD, explains further, “It’s easy to let a few things slide when you’re getting used to coexisting with a boyfriend and having the time of your life. Problem is, you may not notice the changes until they begin taking their toll on your body.” Make yourself aware of these common problem areas and your habits will not fall by the wayside. Continue reading “Couple Problems To Avoid”

Why You Should Stay Away From Mineral Oil

We are always trying to find new ways of protecting our bodies. We try to lose weight, eat healthy foods, wear the right make-up, and buy the right products to give our hair the shine we love. Probably one of the biggest areas of our body that we try to protect the most is our skin. After all this is the part that ages the most and in the end will determine how old or young we look. Continue reading “Why You Should Stay Away From Mineral Oil”